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About Jeff Weinhaus

There is a story about Jeff. There is one story that tries to justify him in prison. There is this story backed by evidence of facts in our case.  In this website I have tried to not to make it political, as Democrats vs Republicans and so forth. I just tried to make it about the facts about the people that have attacked us. No drama-dope facts just facts backed by evidence. So here is a story about a side of Jeff Weinhaus that hasn’t been brought to light.

Jeff was “Anti Corrupt Government” journalist that highlighted corruption in Law Enforcement,Judicial System an Government. He put out a Bulletin each month that sometimes had stories about corruption within these systems. He had done this for 16 years and most of his readers thought his bulletins were fun reading. (In my investigation I have found that many other Americans have done the same thing)

But Jeff I think had gotten into something that was way out of his league. As a journalist he want to take on our case and do a story on it. We met Jeff through another journalist who wrote a couple stories about our case but stopped when the journalist (I won’t say he or she) employer demanded the stories stop. While I was talking to the journalist I was referred to Jeff. So we called Jeff and talked about our case. He asked us to email him some documents about our case so we did, and a short number of days later he lay on the ground with 4 bullets in him.So here is the chain of events that transpired.

Shortly after we sent him the documents through email, (I think we sent him a couple of thousand) his house was raided by the Hwy Patrol and they seized his computer for smoking marijuana. I know it sounds funny but it’s true. (Evidence) So Jeff filed a motion with the courts to get his computer back stating that a computer can’t smoke marijuana. So the court sides with him and ordered the Hwy Patrol to return his computer. Sometime during all this mix the Governors Office called the Hwy Patrol and told them to watch Jeff. Now looking back why would the Governors Office give a second glance or even a third and so about Jeff, he was small time. He had done this crap for 16 Years!

So why, we caught the Justice System in a crime and it pissed Jeff off and he was starting to do stories about us. So after Jeff won the case the Hwy Patrol on a guise said they would meet him at one of the local gas stations to return his computer. The videos below tell the story. The first one is a short version with the full video below. The Hwy Patrol Officer wrote a report that stated Jeff went for his gun that he was wearing.(Missouri is a open carry state) But what the Hwy Patrol and Prosecutors office didn’t know was he was wearing a spy watch video. Only months later was it brought to light totally showing the Hwy Patrol wrote a bogus report on what happen.

​                                                   Only in America can this happen.